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More women being ordered to pay alimony

Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, can play a pivotal role in one's post-divorce life. This steady stream of income, often paid on a monthly basis, can help ensure that a divorced individual who forewent career and educational opportunities in order to raise a family or support his or her spouse can retain the quality of life he or she enjoyed during the marriage.

Some of the issue unique to military divorce

Although many Californians who are going through divorce have to deal with similar legal issues, the facts usually dictate the approach to these matters. For example, those divorces that involve a member of the military may have to deal with additional property division issues, such as the division of a military pension. Even though these pensions are handled similarly to civilian pensions, there are some unique rules that apply.

Competent representation needed to avoid bad family law outcomes

If you're reading this blog, then you're probably in the midst of, or considering, divorce. Merely thinking about taking such action takes courage and recognition that your relationship may not be best for you and your children. As you're probably well aware, though, initiating a divorce is just one step in what can be a long, conflict-ridden process where the stakes are high. When handled improperly, a divorce can leave you financially devastated, emotionally damages, and with a diminished relationship with your children.

Study find correlation between women's careers and divorce

Divorce can be a difficult thing to cope with, especially when you are not the one who initiated it. You may find yourself confused, saddened, and angry. Many Californians also wind up asking themselves what went wrong with their relationship. Although there may be a number of factors that contribute to the dissolution of a marriage, one study claims to have found a strong correlation between gender roles, career trajectories, and divorce.

Football-related head injuries lead to custody dispute

When Californians think of divorce, they often think of legal issues that are hotly contested, such as property division, alimony, and child custody. While these issues are often resolved through negotiations before litigation occurs, a divorce settlement is not necessarily permanent. Oftentimes couples have to return to court when one of them seeks some sort of modification.

How to reduce divorce-related stress

It seems like nowadays no one is immune from divorce and other family law issues. Even those couples who at one time seemed inseparable can find themselves butting heads over the most mundane issues as their relationship unravels. Although some couples are able to work these issues out on their own, other require assistance. Regardless, those who are going through a marriage dissolution or a relationship breakup may find themselves facing emotional hardship. Coupled with the legal challenges that accompany divorce, individuals going through this process can wind up overwhelmed.

Property division may affect one's credit

Oftentimes in divorce, parties find themselves most concerned about property division. This may include discussions about who will retain possession of the family home, vehicles, retirement accounts, and even items that carry sentimental value. The process of divvying up these assets can be tedious and tiresome, but it is important because it can lay the financial foundation for one's post-divorce life. However, it is just as important that divorcing individuals recognize that debts can also play a key role in the property division process.

Study suggests genetics may play a role in divorce

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to divorce. Money woes, infidelity, poor communication, and even family tragedy can throw marital relationships into a tailspin. One factor many may not consider, though, is one's genetic makeup. Sure, researchers have known for years that those who grow up in families with divorced parents are more likely to divorce, but it was not until recently that they found a potential link between divorce and one's DNA.

There may be many signs of potential divorce

The New Year often brings with it a slew of divorce filings. Disgruntled spouses often try to tough out the holidays so that their children can enjoy one last season with both parents together as a family. Yet, while many Californians have already made up their minds to seek marriage dissolution this year, others may not be so sure about how to handle their troubled marriage.

We provide aggressive advocacy in all family law matters

Although Californians enter marriages with the best intentions and the hope that it will last forever, there are numerous reasons why these relationships may come to an end. Some couples struggle to overcome financial difficulties, while infidelity may ruin the trust amongst others. For other couples, spouses have simply changed over time and are no longer drawn to each other.

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