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No one enters into marriage thinking that the relationship will end. However, it happens far more often than most people would think. Dissolution of marriage, more commonly known as a divorce, terminates the spouses’ marriage and resolves all issues between the parties, including property and debt division, spousal and child support, and child custody.

There are only two legal grounds in which the California courts will grant a dissolution of marriage. The first is permanent legal incapacity to make decisions, which must be proven. The more common grounds for dissolution is that there are irreconcilable differences between the parties and the marriage cannot be saved.

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Requirements for Filing for Divorce

In order to file for dissolution in California, at least one of the parties must reside in the state of California for at least six months immediately prior to filing. You then are permitted to file for dissolution in the county in which you have lived for the previous three months.

Filing for dissolution is simply the first step. Often, mediation can be a good choice to resolve any issues that arise during this process. It takes a minimum of six months and one day from the date that you or your spouse is served with the summons and petition to the time the court can grant a judgment of dissolution. The attorneys at Cecil Cianci Law, PC are here to assist you through every stage of the process.

Helping Clients Pursue Successful Divorce Results

You may have many people who help you build success in your life—a financial planner, a business attorney, a coach, or a network of professional colleagues, for example. These individuals are integral to your personal and professional success. They guide you during decision-making times, they are your sounding board at business meetings, and sometimes you even learn from their mistakes.

As you begin the divorce process, our attorneys from Cecil Cianci Law, PC can be brought into your network as trusted advisers to help you arrive at a successful divorce settlement agreement. We can alleviate many of your worries and take on your legal problems, allowing you to continue focusing on your professional career and your family.

Turn to the Attorneys with Integrity & Experience

Divorce can be a complex legal process, especially if you and your spouse have substantial differences regarding what you want out of the divorce or if one spouse is not being forthcoming regarding income or assets.

The end goal of divorce is a settlement agreement or judgment resolving issues such as:

While the divorce is pending, issues such as child custody, child support, and spousal support can be dealt with almost immediately through temporary court orders (called pendente lite) and various agreements. From the date of separation and continuing on through the divorce process, the spouses have certain fiduciary duties, or financial obligations, to disclose the valuation of assets, debts, and investment opportunities.

The amount of time the divorce process takes depends on the specific circumstances of each divorce, including the goals of the parties involved. It is also highly dependent on the court calendar. Issues such as complex property division, including the valuation of investments and professional practices, can affect the duration of the case.

At our law firm, we are highly familiar with the California divorce process and can work diligently to identify and counsel you on potential challenges while effectively pursuing your goals.

Assessing Uncontested Divorce Circumstances

You may believe that you do not need the assistance of an attorney if you and your spouse have agreed on the terms of your divorce. However, while some uncontested divorces are relatively straightforward, others are quite complicated, and there can also be serious consequences for failing to follow the correct procedures.

Aggressive Pursuit of Your Family Law Goals

If you have any questions about whether your divorce would benefit from the involvement of a lawyer as a mediator or otherwise, we would be happy to provide you with honest advice about your options.

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