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Child support and an uninvolved father

Single mothers trying to establish child support outside of a divorce can face an uphill battle. Before the child support agency can even begin to start the calculations for the support order, paternity must be established. The agency also has to get in contact with the father to find out how much he is making a year. This can be difficult if the mother has lost contact with the father or he does not live locally.

Which parent claims the child for tax purposes?

There are several qualifications that must be met for a child to be claimed as a dependent. These include relationship to the provider and the child's age. However, the child must also meet certain residency requirements with the parent trying to claim the child as a dependent. For this reason, the custodial parent in the case of divorced or separated parents claims the child for tax purposes. However, there are some situations in which the opposite is true.

Court rules that Sherri Shepherd is legal mother of child

Many of our readers are familiar with the saga of actress and former co-host of "The View," Sherri Shepherd and her ex-husband with whom she had a child via a surrogate when the two were married. When the marriage broke up, Shepherd attempted to have her name removed from the baby's birth certificate and the surrogacy contract voided.

Paying child support means more than just money

If you don't pay your child support, there will be consequences. As one very famous sports figure found out, you can even go to jail for missing those payments. As two mothers who need payments from the same father know, it doesn't matter how much you make, there may well be repercussions if you don't pay child support on time as ordered by the court.

How much will I owe? Determining child support in California

Going through a divorce is an understandably difficult time for families. It can be particularly stressful when determining issues such as child custody and support. In California, Family Code Section 4050 controls how child support obligations are calculated. The couple must provide certain information to the court, which is entered into a complex formula to calculate the amount of support each parent will owe.

What does California family code say about child support?

In California, it is fairly easy to get a divorce. It becomes a bit harder and more fraught with emotion when children are involved. Sometimes, children are used to get back at the spouse that wants the divorce. The courts in California take this very seriously and always go for what is best for the children.

Child support modifications and legal assistance

The circumstances surrounding a child support order modification request vary and are specific to the parties involved. Sometimes, child support modifications may be able to be handled through the child support enforcement agency, but it is also possible to end up back in court months or even years after your original order was finalized.

Requesting a child support modification in California

If you are a divorced parent, whether custodial or non-custodial, a multitude of circumstances can change in the lives of you, your former spouse and/or your children. Any of these circumstances can warrant a change in the child support agreement you made during your divorce. The same is true for parents who never married but are not together.

Testing needed to determine child support in California

When you are embroiled in a divorce and there are children involved, you have to deal with issues of child support. California has rules and regulations that deal with this. These laws are in place to make sure the child is well cared for and has what is needed.

Who provides health insurance for kids after a divorce?

When you divorce, there is a time that you and your spouse are working through the distribution of debts, property and assets. If children are involved, the process can get complicated because you care so much about what happens to them. They will suffer enough without not having to wonder about health care. So who provides the health insurance after a separation?

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