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Adopting When Single

Being a single parent is not an uncommon phenomenon. But what about when you choose to become a single parent through adoption? This is a route to parenthood that many individuals consider, but may feel overwhelming to some at first. However, it is completely possible to adopt as a single parent. In fact, adopting while single has become more popular over the years. While this is a viable option for individuals wanting children, it is important to acknowledge the potential obstacles that one may face.

Challenges of Adopting When Single

While single-parent adoptions are on the rise, individuals may encounter hurdles to parenthood. One of these is the perceptions of others. For many people, traditional ideas of parenting will influence how they feel about single individuals adopting. Consenting to parent alone is a large undertaking that many would not even attempt.

Another potential issue is agencies and private adopters turning down single applicants. Previous research has shown that children typically benefit from having two parents in their life, as it provides more stability and support. Yet, this situation is not always attainable for children. Single parents can provide children with an enriching and stable environment.

What Should Single Parents Do?

If you are considering adopting a child while single, it is critical to prepare extensively. You can do this by retaining an experienced adoption attorney who can provide you with advice throughout the process. Attorneys can assist in getting paperwork prepared and providing you with information on home studies and other steps.

Another helpful thing for a single parent is to prepare an extensive budget that demonstrates you can afford the additional costs that children bring. This will show agencies or private adopters that you have completed the necessary research and have the resources required to provide a child with a secure home.

Experienced Adoption Attorneys

If you are planning on adopting a child while single, it is important to have an experienced attorney in your corner. They can provide you with guidance throughout your adoption process, so you don’t have to confront it alone.

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