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July 2018 Archives

Millennials pursuing more prenuptial agreements

As younger generations grow older, the way marriage is defined changes. While same-sex marriage is now legal, even what was once considered "traditional" marriage has evolved over time. For example, in the vast majority of cases it used to be that a man worked outside of the home to earn an income while the wife stayed at home to take care of children and take care of other matters at home. In this instances, it wasn't uncommon for marital agreements to be entered into as a way for the parties to protect their financial interests. However, these situations carried an imbalance of financial power, which made prenuptial agreement negotiations challenging.

Becoming the legal guardian of your grandchild

Your grandchild has been staying with you while your son or daughter has been working on becoming stable. The other parent is not in the picture right now, so you are the only one who can provide what your grandchild needs. However, because you are not his or her parent, you cannot make all the decisions that you need to.

We may be able to help you with child support modification

It's no secret that divorce can be expensive. For many Californians, the financial impact of marriage dissolution can be equated to ripping off a bandage. Sure, it is painful at first, but the excitement of starting a new chapter in one's life and restructuring one's income and debts can result in a quick recovery. For others, though, the financial ramifications of divorce can be significant and long-lasting.

Child support and medical support

If you have children, then you know they can be expensive. During the course of marriage, or when unmarried couples remain together, these costs can typically be managed amongst two incomes. In the event of divorce or a breakup, though, arguments can arise as to who will pay for the child's care.

Protect digital devices to avoid complex divorce issues

On its face, divorce seems relatively easy. Two parties who were once in love decide to end their relationship, divide their property, and go their separate ways. Although some marriage dissolutions are that straightforward, the vast majority of them are much more complicated. One reason for these complications is the expansive use of technology, including cell phones and social media.

How will I support myself after my divorce?

For many women facing divorce, one of the first crucial questions that needs an answer is the question of financial stability after the process is over. If you have stayed at home to raise your children or otherwise have not worked during your marriage, you may wonder whether you will need to find work after your divorce.

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