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3 Tips for Finding a Good Surrogate Mother

Pursuing surrogacy is one option for starting or expanding your family. If you are considering getting a surrogate mother during your journey of parenthood, you may find the process exciting yet overwhelming. The choice to have a child through surrogacy is a huge decision that can lead to a wide array of emotions. 

Choosing the right person to carry your child is crucial. While this is never a simple selection, there are some tips you can follow to make the process easier to navigate. Consider these guidelines for finding a good surrogate.

1. Determine what form of surrogate you desire

WebMD says that the first step is figuring out the kind of surrogate mother you want. The first type of surrogate is when a woman is artificially inseminated with sperm. In this traditional method, the surrogate serves as the biological mother.

On the other hand, you could pursue gestational surrogacy, which is also called in vitro fertilization. The IVF technique makes it possible to combine eggs and sperm, then put the embryo inside the uterus of the gestational surrogate. In this situation, the mother does not have any genetic ties. The woman whose egg was used is considered the biological mother.

2. Ask important questions

You will want to ask your potential surrogate for medical records because this will be the person whose body will carry your new child. A trustworthy surrogate mother will be upfront about her medical information. You should also request references and ask them thorough questions to find out as much as you can about the surrogate. 

3. Prepare for legal complications

Parental rights are not necessarily a guarantee with surrogacy. Certain surrogates may want to fight for their parental rights and cause more issues than others. Be on the safe side and get legal advice before you finalize your decision. A lawyer can help you craft a surrogacy agreement to simplify potential issues.