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February 2016 Archives

What should I know about domestic partnerships?

While the legalization of same-sex marriage has caused domestic partnerships to go by the wayside to some degree, some couples are still not interested in having a legal marriage but do wish to have certain benefits. Entering into a domestic partnership is one option for this, but it's important to be aware of the pros and cons.

Important steps to protect yourself before a divorce

Whether you are considering divorce, you believe that your spouse may be, or you have reached a mutual decision to end your marriage, there are things that you need to do to protect yourself financially. Many people believe that their spouse would never do anything to harm them financially when the marriage ends. Too many people, sadly, find that this isn't the case.

No prenup for Mariah Carey and billionaire fiance

Maria Carey solidified her engagement to billionaire fiance James Packer after he gave her a diamond ring valued at about $8 million. Apparently, Carey told Packer that no prenuptial agreement was necessary because she has plenty of money on her own, so -- unlike many celebrity couples -- they will not be creating a premarital agreement.

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