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Setting aside emotions during divorce

Emotions often run high during divorce. In some cases, feelings of bitterness and acrimony linger after a spouse's infidelity comes to light. In others, a sense of grief over the loss of a once happy marriage makes it difficult to move forward.

Although it may be a lot to ask, it's important to keep emotions in check when making decisions that will impact the outcome of your divorce. People attempt this in different ways: Maybe you'll seek help from a support network of friends and family; perhaps you'll acquire professional help from a psychologist or counselor; or you may elect to go through the process on your own.

But there's another resource you probably haven't considered - your divorce attorney. Your lawyer is by no means your psychologist, but as your legal representative, he or she can help you check emotions at the door when making difficult choices that will affect your divorce and your life going forward.

Your attorney can explain:

  • The implications your choices will have on child custody and support decisions
  • How your actions may impact the amount of spousal support you pay or receive
  • The importance of prioritizing your goals when dividing property and assets

By making objective decisions regarding these and other matters, you can better protect your interests and achieve your goals. For some, mediation and alternative dispute resolution may be the best strategy for reaching a timely resolution. However, even if litigation is necessary, separating emotions from legal decisions can keep the process moving while saving you a great deal of time, money and stress.

As you begin your divorce, consider your options for emotional support and ask your attorney for guidance when faced with tough legal matters.

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