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Divorce for green card holders can affect citizenship

Getting married is usually a joyous occasion. Most times, it is for love and the marriage is a match made in heaven for everyone. Other times, though, the marriage is to expedite the process of getting American citizenship for one of the spouses. You can see this type of marriage on television and in popular movies. Federal authorities have stated that, in a shifty deal, the first lady of the state of Oregon, Cylvia Hayes, married a foreigner from Ethiopia in order for him to get his green card. She was paid $5,000 for the marriage.

One million foreigners received green cards last year, which gives them legal status. Approximately one fourth of these were gotten through marriage to a citizen or from someone who had a green card as well. A green card gives the person who holds it lawful and permanent residency in the U.S.

Five to 15 percent of these marriages are said to be fraudulent. This means that tens of thousands of green cards are issued each year for fraudulent use. Homeland Security Investigations, a part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, put out this information.

Smart people who marry foreign nationals put a prenuptial agreement in place to protect his or her assets when the marriage ends in divorce. This agreement is like a contract that you and your attorney put together.

The federal government will look into your marital status two years after the nuptials were taken, and, if the marriage has ended in divorce, the person who was seeking a green card is deported to his or her former home.

Knowing how the government deals with immigration marriage and divorce of foreign nationals is important if you are seeking this type of union.

Source: Forbes, "Immigration And Marriage: What Happens If You Marry Or Divorce A Foreign Spouse?," Andy J. Semotiuk, accessed Dec. 23, 2015

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