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November 2015 Archives

Family law at the bottom of this embryo issue

When you get a divorce there can be repercussions that you never thought about. In one case that occurred in San Francisco, California, the couple that is getting a divorce had frozen embryos that have to be destroyed. The husband in the case requested that the contract that the two signed with the fertility clinic be honored. This agreement stated that all the embryos had to be thawed and destroyed if a divorce was eminent.

Social media can impact your divorce

Most people use social media sites of one type or another. Facebook is obviously the big one right now, but there are also professional sites like Linkedin, photo-sharing sites like Instagram and much more. If you use these and you're getting divorced in California, they could play a big role.

How is alimony determined in California?

When many California couples divorce, one spouse asks for alimony or spousal support. If a divorcing couple is on amicable terms, they may be able to work this out between themselves with the help of their attorneys or a mediator. This is still done via a written agreement, but it keeps the decision out of the hands of a judge.

Paying child support means more than just money

If you don't pay your child support, there will be consequences. As one very famous sports figure found out, you can even go to jail for missing those payments. As two mothers who need payments from the same father know, it doesn't matter how much you make, there may well be repercussions if you don't pay child support on time as ordered by the court.

Can terminated parental rights be reinstated?

Dealing with an ex while trying to coparent is very difficult for many people. Because of the challenges involved in this, some parents consider the idea of terminating parental rights. However, there are many myths surrounding this subject, and it is actually not something most people can do by choice. Understanding why parental rights are terminated and how they may be reinstated is important for anyone considering this step.

Rosie O'Donnell and wife finalize divorce, custody issues

The latest saga in comedienne Rosie O'Donnell's tumultuous love life seems to have been settled peacefully. As many of our readers may recall, O'Donnell wed her partner Kelli Carpenter in San Francisco back in 2004 when then-mayor Gavin Newsom declared same-sex marriages legal.

What can you do to make a divorce easier on your kids?

Going through a divorce can leave you emotionally scarred. You may be angry, vindictive, resentful or just plain hurt. While you want to make your partner pay by lashing out at him or her, this will do nothing to boost your self-esteem. Getting a law firm on your side who will fight to get you what you want is one avenue to go down. If there are children involved, you may want to re-think that. Being sure that the children are taken care of needs to be your first thought in a divorce.

How much will I owe? Determining child support in California

Going through a divorce is an understandably difficult time for families. It can be particularly stressful when determining issues such as child custody and support. In California, Family Code Section 4050 controls how child support obligations are calculated. The couple must provide certain information to the court, which is entered into a complex formula to calculate the amount of support each parent will owe.

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