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September 2015 Archives

Tips to help you deal with custody issues and parenting plans

Child custody cases are some of the most difficult ones for an adult to go through. Just thinking of the effects of the divorce on children can be enough to make parents break down. While there isn't a way to take away all the effects that the divorce will have on your children, there are some ways that you can make the situation less stressful.

What are the laws that govern divorce in California?

In California, divorce is regulated by the Uniform Divorce Recognition Act. It starts by saying that for a divorce to be recognized, both parties have to live in California at the time of the divorce or it cannot be recognized. In other words, if you want to get a divorce in this state you both have to live here or it won't be granted.

Child support modifications and legal assistance

The circumstances surrounding a child support order modification request vary and are specific to the parties involved. Sometimes, child support modifications may be able to be handled through the child support enforcement agency, but it is also possible to end up back in court months or even years after your original order was finalized.

Study: 43 percent of people don't know their spouse's salary

Recently, we discussed the importance of couples talking about finances before they get married. Having similar values around money and goals for how to spend and save it are important factors in a marriage. Honesty about finances during the marriage is crucial also. Finally, if the marriage does end, it's important to know what your spouse's financial situation is.

Dividing property in a divorce doesn't have to be stresssful

Understanding the process of getting a divorce in California can be confusing. Having an attorney from the Law Office of Cecil & Cianci, PC, who can explain every detail can be a relief. We practice all aspects of family law to include divorce, asset distribution and even custody issues of all types.

Domestic partnerships and separation agreements

In California, couples who are in domestic partnerships can officially and legally end their relationships by getting a domestic partnership dissolution. This option is very much like a divorce for married couples, but some couples may wonder if there are any other alternatives. A domestic partnership dissolution may not make the most financial sense for some couples, and one possible alternative is to draw up a separation agreement.

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