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March 2015 Archives

Miltiary deployment might affect child custody and visitation

Members of the military face unique challenges when it comes to child custody and visitation matters. When orders are handed down for a deployment or even a temporary change of duty station, members of the military have to either pack up and go or face serious consequences. For service men and women who have child custody agreements, the move can pose unique challenges.

What can I include in a prenuptial agreement in California?

There are a lot of things that people who are going to get married need to think about before the big day. One thing that couples should think about is whether a prenuptial agreement is right for them or not. As is the case with almost every decision you will make, there are good things and bad things about signing a prenuptial agreement that you should think about.

Ensure your prenuptial agreement is legal and valid in California

Last week, we discussed the case of the former Los Angeles Dodgers owner who was facing an appeal by his ex-wife because she didn't agree with the divorce settlement. If you remember correctly, he won the appeal, and the settlement remained as it was initially ordered. That post is a good reminder to our California readers that a prenuptial agreement in a marriage is a excellent tool to ensure your rights are protected if the marriage falls apart.

Settlement stays the same in former Dodger owner divorce

Some of our readers in California might have been following the case of the former Los Angeles Dodgers owner's divorce. His ex-wife had appealed to the 2nd District Court of Appeals claiming that the $131 million settlement she was granted should have been blocked. She claimed that her ex-husband misled her about what the team and television broadcasting rights were valued at.

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