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February 2015 Archives

Child support cases are often complicated in California

When California couples decide to get a divorce, there are several factors that have to be considered. When children are involved in the divorce, matters like child custody and child support become important. Some of our readers might remember our post last week in which we discussed the case of Sherri Shepherd's surrogate who is now on the hook for child support since Shepherd has divorced her husband. The husband has had to file for assistance for the child through the state, which is what triggered the child support issue.

Surrogate monther on the hook for child support

Many people by now have probably heard about Sherri Shepherd's divorce and the drama she is having because of the surrogate that was carrying a child she and her ex were supposed to raise together. A new development in that case might have some of our California readers shaking their heads.

Understanding the family law court in California

We discussed uncontested divorces in our blog post last week. That post, along with others, might have our California readers wondering how the family court process works in the state. Understanding the process and knowing what some of the basic terms mean might help you feel less stress as you go through the process.

An uncontested divorce might be easier for you

Getting a divorce doesn't always have to be difficult. In fact, it is sometimes possible to work with an ex to get an uncontested divorce in California. In some cases, the mere unwillingness of a spouse to reply to notices can be enough to have an uncontested divorce. Most of the time, uncontested divorces are much easier and a lot faster than contested divorces.

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