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January 2015 Archives

Keep your business protected in case of divorce in California

High-asset divorces come with some very complex considerations. When one of the assets you own is a business, you have to ensure that your business is protected in case you divorce. There are some very specific ways that you can protect your business. Many of these must be in place before you think about divorce. In some cases, you might have to start protecting the business before you even get married.

High-asset divorce cases require untangling of a web of assets

Seeing your marriage come to an end is a difficult sight, but for some people, that brings other issues into question. People who have considerable assets and those who have businesses often have a big headache in store. We can help you to untangle the web of asset interests that is likely hindering the progress with your divorce. We can help investigate, value and assess a variety of asset types.

Divorce questions might not appear on Census Bureau surveys

One thing that many people use to define certain trends in family structures is the information collected by the United States Census Bureau regarding marriage and divorce. Some people might think that this information is rather important, but new information coming from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that not everyone agrees. The government agency has proposed that some marriage-related questions be eliminated from the American Community Survey.

Can a military member adopt a stepchild in California?

For members of the military, forging meaningful relationships can be difficult. For that reason, a person who builds a loving relationship with a stepchild might ultimately decide that he or she would like to try to adopt the child. There are several things that a person in the military should consider when he or she is thinking about adopting a stepchild. Our readers in California might find these answers helpful.

Family law: ACTIVE marriage might curb divorce in military

It is a widely accepted fact that military marriages are placed under a lot of strain. Time away from your spouse and frequent moves can make it difficult to build a stable marriage. That isn't to say that military marriages aren't going to make it. Instead, it means that the only military marriages that will work are those in which both parties can come together to build a strong marriage.

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