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What Types of Adoptions Are Allowed in California?

When you want to become a parent but aren't able to have children on your own, adoption might be something you consider. When you are looking into adoption, you should make sure that you are familiar with the different types of adoptions that are used in California: independent and agency.

What is an independent adoption?

Independent adoption is one that involves the birth parents and adoptive parents. The communication is direct between both parties, but is sometimes done using a go-between. While not all states allow independent adoptions, California does allow independent adoptions. These adoptions are sometimes referred to as private adoptions or open adoptions in the state.

What is an agency adoption?

An agency adoption is one that involves the adoptive parents and the birth parents using a public or private agency to complete the adoption. Private agencies handle a variety of cases, while public agencies deal with children who have been abused, abandoned or orphaned and are wards of the state.

Are there other types of adoption?

There are several other types of adoptions that aren't as common as the two previously discussed. International adoption is one sort of adoption that involves parents adopting children from another country. Adoption through identification is the combination of an agency and independent adoption in which parties find each other independently then turn to an agency to get the adoption completed. Stepparent adoptions and adult adoptions are also possible.

Deciding what type of adoption is right for you can be difficult. Learning all you can about various forms of adoption is advisable. Working with someone familiar with adoption laws in California might make the process easier.

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