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Child Custody Battles Can Often Be Settled in California

In our last blog post, we discussed how being divorced doesn't have to ruin the holiday season for your family. We discussed some of the options available for parents to make the holidays a little easier for the children. For some parents, having a holiday schedule in the custody agreement is how the parents decide who the children will spend holidays with.

We understand that it is hard to think of not being with your children for every holiday. That is one of the reasons why child custody cases can be so tense. Parents go from spending a lot of time with their children to having less time to spend with them.

In California, the best interests of your child is the legal standard. This means that the court will consider what is best for the child without giving consideration to what the parents want. Of course, we can help you to prepare your side of the case to show why you think your wishes are in your child's best interests.

If you are just embarking on the divorce process, we can help you to get temporary custody arrangements while the divorce is going on. Even then, we might be able to work out a permanent parenting plan through a settlement that can help to keep the custody portion of the divorce out of court.

Just because you are divorced or are getting a divorce doesn't have to mean that the holidays have to be full of the additional stress of dealing with child custody battles. We can help you work out the plans in advance so you can enjoy the season.