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December 2014 Archives

Tax points for California registered domestic partnerships

Domestic partnerships were our topic last week. We are going to continue on that topic this week to help our readers in California to get a better understanding about domestic partnerships. One topic that some people in a domestic partnership are curious about is how the partnership affects taxes.

Why should I register my domestic partnership in California?

People in California who are in committed relationships but don't want to get married might have the option of entering into a domestic partnership. These partnerships aren't available to all couples, but for couples who qualify, they might be a viable way to confirm the relationship. It is important for anyone who is interested in a domestic partnership to understand some basic points about these unions.

Child custody battles can often be settled in California

In our last blog post, we discussed how being divorced doesn't have to ruin the holiday season for your family. We discussed some of the options available for parents to make the holidays a little easier for the children. For some parents, having a holiday schedule in the custody agreement is how the parents decide who the children will spend holidays with.

Child custody issues don't have to mean disastrous holidays

Christmas carols playing in retail shops, green and red decorations everywhere, cooler weather and the anticipation of a jolly man bearing presents are all signs that the winter holiday season is upon us. For most people, the winter holidays give them a chance to enjoy family gatherings. For others, such as divorced parents, this might be a time of stress and sadness. Our California readers might like to know some tips for dealing with a split family during the holiday.

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