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November 2014 Archives

Stephen Collins' divorce trial starts in California court

When people hear about Hollywood divorces, they usually assume that what goes on behind the doors of the courtroom is something very ugly. The truth is that not every Hollywood divorce is that ugly. In fact, some are simply about money and once both sides decide on a plan that is mutually satisfying, the case can go forward and finish without any issues.

Open adoptions have benefits and drawbacks in California

In last week's post, we discussed different types of adoptions that are allowed in California. One of those types was an open adoption. These adoptions are considerably different from the traditional adoptions or closed adoptions that many people think of when they think about adoptions.

What types of adoptions are allowed in California?

When you want to become a parent but aren't able to have children on your own, adoption might be something you consider. When you are looking into adoption, you should make sure that you are familiar with the different types of adoptions that are used in California: independent and agency.

Participation and preservation of rights in a California divorce

As readers of our blog know, we often discuss high-profile divorces. In last week's post, we discussed how Khloe Kardashian might have to proceed with her divorce if Lamar Odom continues to ignore the need for him to respond to her divorce petition. That post might have some people in California who are facing divorce wondering if they will have to go through the same lengthy struggle. While we can't give you a firm answer to that question, we can assure you that we work with you to get your divorce to go through the system as quickly as possible.

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