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September 2014 Archives

How does divorce affect my financial status?

When you decide that your marriage is over, your thoughts likely go straight to filing for a divorce. For many couples, divorce is the only way that they can handle the situation. There are some very specific ways that divorce can affect filers' finances in California that must be carefully considered. Because every situation is different, these basic answers might not be the full extent of how divorce can affect you.

Basic child support information for California residents

Any parent who is raising a child alone knows how important it is for the other parent to help out financially. One way for this to happen is through the child support system. The California Department of Child Support Services is the agency that deals with child support payments in the state.

Divorce, annulment, legal separation: What are the differences?

Once you and your spouse decide that the relationship is over, you might wonder what your options are. In California, you have three options that you can pursue in this case. You can choose to get a divorce, a nullity or a legal separation. Each of these options has specific considerations that must be factored into your decision.

Child custody and parenting agreements in California

Most parents don't even want to think about having to go through the court system to be able to care for their child. For parents who are divorcing, going through that very procedure is part of the process. For parents in California, knowing what to expect as you go through the child custody proceedings might help to take some of the stress off of you.

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