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July 2014 Archives

Property division during divorce in California is complex

Planning for a divorce isn't something that most people do when they get married. In some cases, however, planning for a possible divorce doesn't have anything to do with wishing the marriage would fail. Instead, it has to do with making sure you are cared for if the marriage does end. In California, which is a community property state, almost all assets and debts are split equally if the couple divorces.

Submariner highlights child custody issue for servicemembers

For any parent, going through a child custody battle is a headache. For parents in the military, these battles can be much worse. This is especially true if the parent is on an active deployment that makes it impossible for them to make it to all the hearings. While some California residents might not be aware of this, there is an act that helps to protect military members who are deployed from having to deal with issues like this.

Divorce again for Pamela Anderson

Divorce is a difficult situation for anyone to go through. Even those who haven't had lengthy marriages can be seriously affected by going through a divorce. Pamela Anderson was recently spotted at a California beach without her wedding ring. She was said to have been sullen. It has come to light that the actress has filed for divorce from her husband.

Paul George's daughter at center of child custody case

Child custody fights are almost never pleasant. When a fight starts out with the father questioning the paternity of the child, there is a chance that the battle will get really nasty. In the case of the Pacers' star Paul George, the custody battle over a 2-month-old child might prove to be one that will interest California readers.

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