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May 2014 Archives

Property division in divorce: Laws stronger in California

When you are going through a divorce, getting all of the marital property divided can be a very tricky task. In some cases, special circumstances might come up that make it difficult to determine how an asset should be split. The division of marital property during divorce was at the heart of a case that was recently decided by the California Supreme Court.

California cop and wife in complex family law battle

Every relationship will have good times and bad times. For some people, the bad times in the relationship are really bad. For one police officer in California, who is currently suspended, the bad times in his relationship have made news headlines. Now, he is filing for divorce.

Actor's child custody case highlights sperm donors and paternity

A story in the news not too long ago drew considerable scrutiny from people when a judge ordered a sperm donor to pay child support for a child he fathered despite having an agreement stating he wasn't responsible for the child. A recent case in California sheds a different light on the issue of paternity in sperm donor cases.

Woman tries to collect child support on adult children

A woman in California recently tried to collect back child support for her adult children, who are now over 30 years old. However, a judge declared that she could not ask for the payments from the father. The reasoning was that the woman actually made it impossible for the man to pay his child support payments on time, as he had been doing, because she took steps to hide the children so that he could not find them.

Factoring businesses, homes and assets into a divorce

Emotions run high during a divorce, but it is important that you protect yourself during the divorce to ensure that you aren't financially damaged when the ink is dry on the settlement. The difficulty of property division in a divorce is often complicated when there are considerable assets or businesses included in the divorce. California residents might need to consider some often unthought-of aspects of property division that can greatly affect their financial future after the divorce.

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