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April 2014 Archives

Kordell Stewart settles child custody battle over son

When people are going through a divorce, two major points of contention often tend to be property division and child custody. Former NFL football star Kordell Stewart recently finalized his divorce from Porsha Williams, a star on a popular reality television show. At the same time he was going through that divorce, he was also battling it out with his 9-year-old son's mother over custody of the child. In the most recent event, the former football player was able to come to an agreement with the boy's mother.

Children could benefit when divorce strikes

While it can be hard on children when their parents go through a divorce, there are also ways in which it can actually benefit them, according to some studies. The disadvantages are often taken on by the oldest female child in the family. When the parents split up, this is the child who typically ends up absorbing some of the duties and roles that a parent would traditionally fill. Therefore, she can be held back from things that she would have been able to do with two parents since she has to spend time and energy doing these new activities.

Maintaining composure in stressful co-parenting situations

When you and your child’s other parent are raising your child in two different households, conflict is bound to arise from time to time. Parents who live together also inevitably engage in conflict. However, there is a certain pressure placed upon co-parents to resolve their differences in relatively peaceful and amicable ways because they otherwise risk a host of negative consequences that could impact their child’s development and could imperil an otherwise successful child custody arrangement.

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