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January 2014 Archives

Taking a proactive approach to divorce

If you or your spouse is considering whether or not to end your marriage, it will benefit you to think proactively before committing to divorce. Most of the time, divorce is a relatively amicable process, but this well-intentioned approach does not make the divorce process easy.

Is it a rough patch, or signs of impending divorce?

Every California couple goes through a range of ups and downs within their marriage. It is completely normal to experience a difficult period, especially when other factors such as an illness in the family or money troubles are at play. However, there are some types of marital issues that deserve careful attention, and could suggest a high risk that the marriage could end in divorce.

Struggling with divorce-related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Most Americans have some familiarity with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. They may be aware that it is a condition that many combat soldiers, accident survivors and trauma victims suffer from. What many Americans likely do not know is that divorce can cause PTSD symptoms in certain individuals.

Stay-at-home spouses: Should you consider a postnup?

The beginning of a new year often brings on many changes for California families looking to make a fresh start. Some people may be considering a career change while others may decide start or expand a family. These can be significant and positive life changes that can dramatically alter a couple's relationship, which is why couples who are making big changes this year may want to consider discussing a postnuptial agreement.

Should a California child custody case be handled alone?

It is likely that when many California couples decide to take the plunge and go for the divorce they have been wanting, finances can be an issue. Many of these people try conserving finances and cutting any cost they can, but it may not always be a wise decision. While there are some who may be tempted to represent themselves to cut corners, when the outcome can be a life-changing issue like child custody, child support or property division, it may not be worth the risk.

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