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November 2013 Archives

Pet custody disputes are a growing family law issue

During divorce, couples with significant assets may encounter disagreements about property division. In other cases, couples with kids may spend a lot of time and resources battling for child custody. But believe it or not, one of the bigger issues many divorcing couples face falls somewhere in between child custody and property division: custody of the family pet(s).

The holidays after divorce: With change comes opportunity

We're now just a week away from Thanksgiving, which many believe to be the start of the holiday season that can include Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's. While the holidays are supposed to be joyous, they can be a real mine field for families that have just gone through a divorce.

How did controversial international custody case get so complex?

Media outlets all over the nation are currently reporting on a story that has been characterized as the worst nightmare of every divorced parent. The story involves two little girls whose mother illegally took her children to Argentina to live after an American judge ruled against her request to relocate with them there. The girls’ father is an American and has been waiting to see his daughters again for more than three years.

Choosing healthy coping mechanisms during a difficult divorce

There are many situations and events in life that are major stressors and may require us to grieve; including divorce. Many people seek counseling or similar help after the death of a loved one or while going through a personal illness. But fewer are those who seek such support during divorce.

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