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October 2013 Archives

Same-sex marriage legal in CA, but some judges slow to catch up

We have previously written about the unique issues gay and lesbian couples face during family law disputes. The fate of same-sex marriage in California was uncertain until the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling earlier this year.

Reality TV's top socialite couple seeking divorce with no prenup

California is the land of celebrities, which means high-profile marriages and even higher-profile divorces. These days, it is almost unheard of for celebrities to get married without having a prenuptial agreement in place, but it does occasionally happen. And when it does, speculations run wild about how a high-asset divorce will play out without a prenup.

Ex-wife of NBA star seeks 13 years of child support in advance

When it comes to family-law-related frustrations, child support tends to be high on the list for many people. Parents who are court-ordered to pay child support often complain that they're being asked to pay too much or that the system is inflexible.

Will the Affordable Care Act cause a spike in the divorce rate?

It has already been a big week across the country, and it's only Wednesday. Yesterday was the beginning of October, which ushered in the healthcare exchanges that are a key part of the Affordable Care Act. The ACA (or "Obamacare") continues to be so controversial that we are now in the second day of a federal government shutdown.

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