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September 2013 Archives

Which approach to divorce is right for you?

You and your spouse have decided to end your marriage. But how will you go about it? Will you litigate or negotiate your split? The answer to this question often depends on a variety of factors. The important thing to remember when choosing a divorce approach is that a several options exist. Primarily, you may litigate your divorce or you may use an approach known as alternative dispute resolution.

Child custody and support issues challenging in same-sex split

Last month, we wrote that same-sex relationships often encounter more snags than heterosexual ones when it comes to matters of family law. Same sex marriage, divorce and child custody issues still present unique legal questions in states like California where gay marriage is now legal.

Consider cohabitation carefully if you have children

More and more couples are choosing to cohabitate before marriage or are choosing to cohabitate with no intention of marrying, even when children are members of the household. The stigma associated with couples living together outside of marriage has faded in recent years and there are many practical reasons to live together without becoming legally married. However, it is important to consider the consequences of your cohabitation arrangement if your living partner is not your child’s biological parent.

More men becoming single dads through surrogacy & adoption

A couple weeks ago, we wrote about the legal snags that often accompany both same-sex marriage and same-sex divorce. While the fight for marriage equality is an issue that gets a lot of deserved attention in the media, it is only one of the many ways that the family law landscape is changing.

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