Restraining Orders

If you have experienced violence, threats, stalking, harassment or abusive treatment from someone outside your household, you can get legal protection through a civil harassment order. While domestic violence restraining orders apply to spouses, household members, close relatives and those with whom you have had a dating relationship or committed relationship, civil harassment orders apply to other situations such as those involving a friend, a neighbor or a stranger.

Our attorneys can help you seek immediate legal protection from a court order if you feel unsafe because of:

  • Physical assault or battery, or sexual assault or battery
  • Stalking or having someone follow you
  • Verbal threats against you or your loved ones
  • Threatening phone calls, voice mail, text messages, e-mails, social media messages or postings, tweets, or other communications

At Creative Family Solutions, Cecil Cianci Law, PC, we have worked for the rights of many people who have been harassed, both in the context of family law issues and as separate matters. We have also successfully defended the rights of people who have been wrongfully accused of harassment.

What Will A Civil Harassment Order Do For Me?

A civil harassment order is a court order that can forbid a restrained person from contacting you or members of your household; going near you or members of your household; going near your workplace, your school or your children's school; or having a gun. Like other restraining orders, the presence of a civil harassment order is shared by law enforcement officers across the state of California. (Source: California Courts website)

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