Property Division

Many people find that dividing their property is one of the most stressful aspects of a divorce or domestic partnership dissolution. Part of the challenge comes in not knowing whether you will be treated fairly when things are split up between you and your spouse. Other concerns center on making sure that all of the property is properly accounted for and appropriately valued. Having a thoroughly experienced family lawyer on your side is an essential part of resolving your property concerns.

With extensive knowledge of California community property law, the attorneys at Creative Family Solutions, Cecil Cianci Law, PC have helped thousands of clients reach favorable resolutions to their financial concerns. In providing comprehensive representation that takes into account all aspects of your situation, we will help you assess what property may be categorized as separate property (property that belongs to only one spouse or partner) and what property may be categorized as community property (property that belongs to both).

Protect Your Assets and Prevent Problems

If you are experiencing or considering the end of your marriage or domestic partnership, we can help you protect your personal assets and maximize your share of the commingled assets that belong to you or your spouse. Success in this endeavor involves:

  • Identifying and developing a plan for assets like bank accounts, investments, real estate, businesses and retirement accounts
  • Making sure that your spouse's claims to property can be proven — and that you back up your own property claims with appropriate evidence
  • Transmuting (transferring ownership) property from community to separate, separate to community, or separate to separate, as appropriate
  • Providing for equitable debt division

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