Roseville Private Judge Attorneys

The financial crisis in California has had a devastating impact on the court system, including the family law courts. It has become increasingly difficult to get cases tried, causing delay and frustration for attorneys and their clients alike.

Under the California Constitution, the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court has the authority to appoint a temporary judge to hear some or all of the issues in a family law case. The appointment of a temporary judge is commonly referred to as employing a "private judge."

The Law Office of Cecil & Cianci, PC, is pleased to have Retired Judge Thomas M. Cecil available for service as a private judge. Judge Cecil served as a trial judge on the Sacramento Superior Court for almost 22 years. During his years on the bench, he served two terms as the Presiding Judge of the Court and concluded his tenure on the bench as the Supervising Judge of the Family Law Division. His wealth of experience, both as a judge and as a family law attorney, provides a viable option for those who desire an expeditious, fair and well-reasoned resolution to the dispute.

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