Estate Planning

A good estate plan will always fully address the distribution of your assets upon your death — this is typically done through the use of wills and trusts — but it will also include arrangements to cover the possibility of you becoming incapacitated.

If you become unable to make decisions for yourself because of a disability, illness or accident, having a durable power of attorney in place will designate a person or persons to make these decisions on your behalf. Whether you choose a family member, a friend or someone else as an agent to handle your affairs, a well-crafted power of attorney (or POA, for short) can allow that person to handle critical matters such as:

  • Medical treatment, including surgical procedures, feeding tubes, respirators and pain medication
  • Finances, relating to payment of bills, banking, investments and filing of taxes, among other things
  • Business decisions
  • Retirement and pension benefits
  • Buying and selling of real estate or other property

Respecting Your Choices and Protecting Your Interests

Everyone has his or her own opinions about his or her health, finances and family. At Creative Family Solutions, Cecil Cianci Law, PC, our attorneys can develop a comprehensive estate plan for you, which will take into account your particular needs and wishes. Based on a clear understanding of your situation, we can assist you in establishing two kinds of durable power of attorney:

  • Immediate power of attorney: This type of power of attorney will give your spouse or another trusted person decision-making power right away — as opposed to requiring unconsciousness or another event to trigger it.
  • Springing power of attorney: A springing power of attorney is designed to take effect based on specific criteria that you choose — if you are in a coma, for example.

Reach Out to Our Roseville-Based Lawyers

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