Estate Planning

Good estate planning is about making important arrangements for the future — arrangements that will protect what you have worked for and prevent problems for your family. These arrangements involve your money and your property, but they also have to do with your health.

An advance health care directive is an estate planning tool that allows you to make decisions about what medical treatment you will receive if you become unconscious or incapacitated due to an accident or illness. If you have such an advance health care directive in place, your doctors and family members are bound by California law to follow the instructions contained in it.

As part of a comprehensive estate plan tailored to your specific situation, our attorneys can help you develop an advance health care directive that will specifically indicate:

  • Whether you want to have treatment or medication for the alleviation of pain
  • Whether you want your life to be prolonged artificially through technologies such as feeding tubes and respirators
  • Particular medical interventions or surgical procedures that you want or do not want
  • Which family members or friends you want present in a hospital room — this can be especially important when hospital rules might ordinarily keep some of your loved ones from being present
  • Whether you want to donate certain organs or tissues
  • What types of funeral arrangements you want (cremation or burial)

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