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Sacramento Life Insurance Policies Attorneys

Many couples and families use life insurance policies to protect their financial futures and ensure that their loved ones will be provided for in the event of an untimely death. From an estate planning perspective, life insurance can deliver value while providing excellent tax benefits.

When assets are being assessed and divided in divorce, domestic partnership dissolution or legal separation, life insurance policies need to be evaluated along with other property such as real property and retirement accounts. This calls for the help of an experienced lawyer.

Finding Solutions to Insurance Matters

At Creative Family Solutions, Cecil Cianci Law, PC, our family law attorneys understand how life insurance relates to property division and child and spousal support. We can answer your questions and represent you in resolving matters related to:

  • Property rights: We can help you protect your interests in the cash value of a whole life policy and assist you in maintaining the right to own a policy to secure the benefit in the event of your spouse's untimely passing.
  • Beneficiary designations on policies: Sometimes beneficiaries need to be changed on life insurance policies as part of a divorce or partnership dissolution. We can advise you regarding your rights in this important area, since you are unable to change beneficiary designations once divorce proceedings start.
  • Child and spousal support obligations: In some cases, life insurance is used to secure long-term child support or spousal support obligations. For example, a parent who pays child support may be required to maintain adequate life insurance to cover payments until the children reach age 18, and a person with a spousal support obligation may be required to have a certain amount of life insurance to benefit his or her former spouse. Our attorneys can help you make sure you are treated fairly regarding these obligations.

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