Traditional divorces and child custody disputes are handled in court in a way that is generally more adversarial and more expensive than it needs to be. Since divorce and dissolution proceedings and custody cases are overseen by judges who must decide between parties in conflict, many decrees yield child custody arrangements that one or both parties do not feel are actually in the best interests of the children or families involved — children and families that will be subject to them for years to come.

Fortunately, many couples have discovered that mediation can be an excellent way to arrive at solutions to difficult divorce, child custody and visitation matters. As a cooperative process that fully involves both parents, mediation provides an alternative to child custody litigation, enabling both parents to have a say in the arrangements that are made for their children. The process is facilitated by a neutral attorney who helps the two sides reach agreement.

Facilitating Amicable Custody Solutions Through Mediation

At Creative Family Solutions, Cecil Cianci Law, PC, our attorneys are experienced with mediation, collaborative law and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Through the mediation process, which relies on cooperation and communication between parties, we can facilitate amicable custody solutions that will allow both you and the other parent to stay involved in the children's lives.

If you and your ex-spouse, ex-partner or co-parent can agree on the basics, we can help you work out the details through mediation. Rather than fighting over details in court and spending money unnecessarily on legal fees, you can concentrate your energy on developing a plan for what is best for your children with regard to:

  • Living arrangements and parenting time
  • Visitation and vacation schedules
  • Educational and day care concerns
  • Child support and other financial details
  • Medical care and health insurance

Everyone's circumstances are different, but almost any situation can be resolved through mediation.

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