In most situations, a family law attorney will provide comprehensive legal representation that covers divorce proceedings, child custody, child support and other matters that an individual needs to address. While this is helpful for some of our clients, others desire more limited representation that covers only one or two areas. Our firm offers both options.

If you need counsel or advice on only one aspect of your legal picture, the attorneys at Creative Family Solutions, Cecil Cianci Law, PC can help. Known as limited scope representation or partial representation, this a la carte method of representation can be convenient and cost-effective. In order to protect the interests of clients, it is also regulated by California law: An attorney must file a Notice of Limited Scope Representation with a court, delineating his or her specific responsibilities on behalf of a client.

Get the Level of Advice and Representation You Need

At Creative Family Solutions, Cecil Cianci Law, PC, our attorneys provide limited scope representation and consultation with regard to numerous areas of divorce, domestic partnership dissolution and other important family law matters. Our competencies include:

  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution, allowing us to advise you in your efforts to reach fair agreements with the other party
  • Negotiation of child custody or visitation arrangements
  • Child support or spousal support arrangements, as well as petitions for modification of an existing custody or support order
  • Drafting of settlement agreements
  • Motion drafting for specific purposes
  • Attending a limited amount of hearings for a specific purpose

Contact Our Firm for the Help You Need

Our experienced lawyers offer services based on a discounted retainer or on an hourly basis. Contact us online or call 916-756-4012 to schedule a reduced-fee legal consultation regarding your legal needs.