Roseville Domestic Partnership Dissolution Lawyers

Sacramento Same-Sex Marriage Dissolution Attorneys

California law has afforded many same-sex couples the same rights, privileges and obligations as heterosexual couples in recent years. When same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships end, the same concerns need to be addressed: legal status, living arrangements, property division, child custody and child support, among others.

If you are seeking an attorney who is not only LGBT friendly but also experienced in handling the legal challenges inherent to domestic partnership dissolution and same-sex divorce, we can help.

Protect Your Legal Rights. Make Equitable Arrangements.

At the Law Office of Cecil & Cianci, PC, we are experienced advocates for LGBT couples and families. Our attorneys can represent you in all legal matters related to domestic partnership dissolution and same-sex divorce, including:

Roseville Domestic Partnership Dissolution Attorneys

The attorneys at Cecil & Cianci, PC, can provide knowledgeable advice on a full range of LGBT family law matters, including complex high-asset divorce and custody disputes. Contact us online or call 916-756-4012 to schedule a reduced-fee legal consultation.