Child Custody

Providing for the Care and Protection of Children

Parents who have never been married have a right to establish a legal relationship with their child, and they must financially support their child. If you are concerned about establishing custody of your child, or if you are seeking child support, an experienced family law attorney can help.

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Pursuing Paternity, Custody and Support Orders

Paternity is a general name for the procedure that establishes the rights and responsibilities of a father who is not married to his child's mother. California adopted the Uniform Parentage Act to govern paternity cases.

If the child's paternity is not already established on the birth certificate, a paternity action in court may be required in order for the father to be treated as a legal parent. A DNA test may or may not be needed.

Once the father's parental rights are established, a parenting plan for child custody can be established under the same laws that apply in divorce cases. The custodial parent can also seek child support from the non-custodial parent.

Helping Unmarried Parents Establish Their Rights

Increasingly, many couples have children without getting married, typically planning to live together or otherwise divide parenting responsibilities amicably. However, just because you and your significant other are getting along now does not mean you will get along forever. There are steps you can take now to protect your rights as a parent and your child's rights in case of future conflict.

Aggressive Pursuit of Your Family Law Goals

Neither the police nor the courts can enforce an informal agreement between parents regarding child custody and support. Contact our Roseville law office to discuss your options for securing legal recognition for your parenting arrangements. Call 916-756-4012 today.