Child Custody

California law affirms the importance of children having relationships with both of their parents. When children are born outside of a marriage or a committed relationship, paternity disputes that can be resolved through paternity testing can emerge, which may or may not include a DNA test.

When a child's paternity is not already established on his or her birth certificate, a paternity action in family court can be used to identify and legally determine who the child's father is. This can be facilitated with the help of an experienced family lawyer.

Help With Resolution of Difficult Paternity Matters

If you are facing a challenging paternity matter and you need legal representation as a mother, a father or an alleged father, we can provide it. At Creative Family Solutions, Cecil Cianci Law, PC, our attorneys are experienced in handling parental rights matters of all kinds, including paternity actions. We can assist you by:

  • Arranging for DNA testing, and in some cases, the County will pay for the costs of the testing
  • Clearly defining and pursuing each parent's rights (like visitation or custody) and responsibilities (like paying child support) as defined by law
  • Helping you understand the limited time frames involved in paternity cases — particularly if you are a male and you believe you are not a child's father
  • Pursuing appropriate child support, custody and visitation arrangements when paternity has been established

Contact Our Attorneys

Whether you are looking to legally identify your child's father, prove that you are or are not a dad, or seek fair custody or financial arrangements, we can advise you. Contact us online or call 916-756-4012 today to speak to an attorney about your situation.