Child Custody

If your grandchildren are experiencing the separation or divorce of their parents, or if another family change is underway, you may be concerned about how the situation will affect your relationship with them. If you're the grandparent of a child who prematurely lost his or her parent due to an untimely death, you may be concerned about whether the other parent will promote your pre-existing relationship with your grandchild. If you want to make sure you can continue to spend time with your grandchildren, a skilled family lawyer can advise you on how to make the necessary arrangements.

As family law attorneys with extensive experience in child custody and visitation matters, we have represented many grandparents in their efforts to protect their time with their loved ones. In many situations, visitation schedules can be negotiated without going to court.

Helping You Reach Your Goals

Every child custody and visitation scenario is different. Perhaps your goal is to have time with your granddaughter every other weekend. Perhaps you are seeking shared or sole custody of your grandson. Depending on your circumstances, our lawyers can help you reach your goals through mediation or, in more difficult situations, through litigation in matters involving:

  • Establishment of a regular visitation schedule that will benefit your grandchildren
  • Seeking temporary or permanent custody of grandchildren when a custodial parent passes away, becomes incapacitated or is struggling with addiction or mental health issues
  • Guardianship or conservatorship that can allow you or another family member to care for the needs of minor children
  • Termination of parental rights when a parent is unable to meet a child's needs or is absent

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