Child Custody

Representing Parents in Child Support Cases

When a child's parents are not living together, the non-custodial parent generally has an ongoing obligation to provide financial support. Securing a fair and accurate child support determination is an important aspect of California family law.

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Calculating and Enforcing Child Support

In California, as in most other states, child support is calculated using a formula that takes into account factors including:

  • Each parent's income
  • Parenting time and physical custody
  • Tax-deductible expenditures
  • Medical co-pays, orthodontia and other medical expenses
  • Necessary job-related expenditures
  • Day care costs

Child support is an obligation that a parent has to his or her child, even though the payment is made to the other parent.

In order to obtain a fair child support outcome, we must make sure the correct figures are used in the child support formula. Each parent's income and certain tax-deductible expenses need to be accurately documented, which can be difficult if a parent is self-employed or is hiding income.

Our lawyers work with forensic accountants and other experts, or can subpoena financial documents when necessary, to ensure that our clients have an opportunity to pursue appropriate child support determinations.

We also assist clients with child support enforcement. When a parent does not pay child support, our options include wage garnishment, bank levies, liens on tax refunds and use of the California Department of Child Support Services.

Pursuing Modification of Support Orders

Once a child support order is entered, it can only be modified when there has been a change in the underlying circumstances that went into the original support calculation. For example, if you lost your job or you have been exercising more parenting time, you may be entitled to a child support modification.

Child support modifications must be approved by the court. Frequently parents will make oral agreements regarding child support while they are communicating well. When they have a dispute, they find out that their agreement may not be enforceable because it was not reduced to a court order.

Because custody is a factor in child support, if your child is spending more time with you than outlined in your parenting plan, or if the other parent is not taking the child during designated visitation periods, you may want to seek modification of both the custody and support orders.

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