Modern medical technologies have made it possible for many people to become parents, even biological parents, in cases where this would have been impossible in the past. The subject of surrogacy brings up unique legal issues that are addressed by specific California laws and that should be handled with the help of an experienced attorney.

Surrogacy agreements or surrogacy contracts are used to dictate the details of pregnancies involving surrogate mothers. Since they concern critically important family matters, these agreements should be developed carefully with the help of a skilled attorney. In cases where legal conflicts develop, it is essential to have the representation of a lawyer with specific knowledge of surrogacy matters.

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If you are interested in having a child through surrogacy, if you have questions as a potential gestational surrogate, or if you are dealing with a problematic surrogacy agreement, the lawyers at Creative Family Solutions, Cecil Cianci Law, PC can assist you.

As family law attorneys with experience in surrogacy and adoption matters of all kinds, we can answer your legal questions and help you reach your specific goals. We can advise and represent:

  • Individuals and couples who wish to enter into a surrogacy agreement with a potential biological mother. This can involve situations in which both egg and sperm are donated, one is donated or both are provided by a couple or by family members.
  • Women who are considering gestational surrogacy on behalf of another individual or couple.
  • Same-sex couples with legal questions about surrogacy and the legalities of LGBT parenting and adoptions.
  • Individuals and couples who are involved in surrogacy contract disputes.

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