Families can grow in many ways. Some individuals and couples choose in vitro fertilization or utilize other cutting-edge methods to achieve pregnancy. Regardless of your situation, you can rely on skilled legal counsel from Creative Family Solutions, Cecil Cianci Law, PC.

Based in Roseville, our attorneys represent individuals, couples, birth mothers, sperm donors, egg donors, and a wide array of other clients in California. We provide assistance with drafting surrogacy agreements, enforcing surrogacy contracts, becoming a gestational surrogate and drafting pre-birth orders. Whether you are a gestational carrier or an intended parent, we have the skill you need.

Why Retain An Attorney?

Some people shy away from hiring a lawyer, assuming that they can simply come to an agreement on their own. This is particularly common if the surrogate, biological mother or donor is a relative or close friend. However, attempting to navigate the surrogacy process without legal counsel is a mistake; representation by counsel is actually required under the California Family Code in order to have a valid agreement.

Here are a few of the many reasons to retain one of our attorneys:

  • Knowledge and guidance — We can clearly explain what to expect when it comes to expenses, time frames, legal requirements in California and other important issues.
  • Paperwork and contract drafting — Adding a child to your family is not a simple matter. The necessary paperwork and documentation are very complex. In addition, surrogacy involves negotiating a legal agreement with the surrogate mother, the egg or sperm donor, or other parties. This contract must fully safeguard your rights, otherwise you risk losing too much. Our lawyers can help you draft a secure legal agreement.
  • Dispute resolution and advocacy — When children are involved, emotions often run high. It is easy for conflicts to arise, either before, during or after the pregnancy. Our attorneys will be your dedicated advocates, standing up for you and your best interests.

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