Roseville Attorneys Handling Family Law Issues

You set long- and short-term goals, you strove for perfection, you worked for what you wanted and continue to take your best shot at whatever life throws your way.

Now that divorce has become part of your life, the Law Office of Cecil & Cianci, PC, would expect that you approach the task of finding a divorce attorney to be no less of an undertaking. We appreciate that you want to be informed and that you want to make a wise decision about your future.

We Can Help You Maintain Your Way Of Life

As you go through divorce, the life you built with your spouse will unravel into two separate lives once again. However, your life does not need to unravel. With help from our family law firm, you can retain solid ground, look forward to the future and start moving ahead to new goals.

With Cecil & Cianci, you are going to be taken care of. Your Roseville family law attorneys possess high-caliber credentials, significant legal experience and meaningful litigation skills to handle even the most difficult matters.

We represent clients in all types of family law matters, including property and debt issues, high-asset divorce and child custody disputes. We know that you made smart decisions to get to where you are, and we provide the type of responsible legal representation that assists you in maintaining your way of life during the divorce process and in the years to come. While litigation is always a possibility, we weigh the risks and proceed toward costly, lengthy courtroom battles only when in your best interests.

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Our divorce lawyers can advise you on all elements of California divorce and family law. We are attuned to the complex, unique needs of physicians, surgeons, CEOs and business executives, real estate property developers, athletes, politicians, public officials, business owners, lawyers and other professionals, along with all types of families and situations. Call us to arrange a confidential consultation: 916-756-4012 or contact us online.